Mount Bromo, Indonesia 2008

Mount. Bromo, a 2300-meter high volcano in Java, Indonesia. The Bromo tour for sunrise at this active volcano is the highlight when visiting Java. It is surrounded by a wide-stretched sea of sand where most visitors drive around with a 4×4 jeep.
The volcano is active and the lava always stayed inside when erupted. It is known to be active nearly every five years.

How to reach Bromo:

Nearest city is Malang, which is 60 km from King Kong Hill – the sun rise view point. It takes about 2 hrs. Malang airport is connected to other airport. There are good hotels to stay in Malang.

One need to start very early from Malang to reach the sunrise view point “king Kong Hill” before 0530hrs. Best way is to book 4 x 4 jeeps. There are motor bikes available too.

Jeeps drop off at the place from where one need to walk up about 5 minutes to reach the view point. There would be quite rush at the spot. There are some small stalls selling coffee and snacks. Here one can rent / buy jacket, gloves, cap etc.

The temperature could as low as 7 to 10 ‘C in the morning. Hence wear a good shoe and a jacket and a cap. But you do not need these soon after sun rise.

Sun Rise View :

Sun rise viewed from king kong hill view point.

Quite a crowd is expected at the view point.
View of Bromo and other surrounding volcanic mountains.
Simmering Volcano

Soon after the sun rise, head back to waiting jeeps. They will drive to the base of the Mount Bromo. It is another 8 to 10 km drive of say 15 to 20 minutes to Luhur Poten Hindu Temple at the base of Mount Bromo. From here, you have to walk about 10 minutes on a dusty road to reach the stairs to reach the rim of the volcanic crater. One can take a pony to reach up to the stairs.

Mount Batok
View from the rim of the crater. The building back at a distance is the Hindu Temple.
The Stairs to reach the rim of the crater

It is all very dusty, sulphur smell all over.

The Hindu temple does not look like the conventional Hindu temple in India. It looked quite eerie for me. I have to read further about this to know it better. Below are few images of the temple.

It is very evident that the Indonesia was well connected with India and Hinduism at some part of time. Below is a statue of Vishnu, one of the Hindu gods of Trinity.

A popular art form depicting the Pandavas, the characters from Mahabharata Epic.

Best Time to visit and few other info…

Visit this place during summer and winter seasons. Avoid rainy season. There are nominal entry fees per visitor for sunrise view point and other visiting points.

While one can do this trip solo, but I suggest to book through a travel company.

Bromo gets etched in your memory – its mystic, eerie, little adventures too.
Bromo is said to be derived from word “Bramha” The lord Bramha – one of the Hindu trinities.

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