Himalayan Trek – Saurkundi

My friend from my village one day called me some time in April 2012. It is not new that he calls me up or I call him up once a while. We are friends for many many years, since childhood.

This call was different, which would open up a new life style altogether for me. He with his friends had planned an Himalayan Trek in May. He was very excited and asked me if I wanted to join. I instantly got enthralled by the very idea of freaking out for about ten days somewhere in Himalayan territory enjoying the lush green, chilled weather (The temperature shoots beyond 45′ C where i reside in summer) and pristine snow.

I immediately said yes and sought more details. The organising agency was YHAI. http://www.yhaindia.org/national-level-program.php . My friend with his friends would travel to Delhi and join me in Gurgaon at my place on scheduled day.

Planning and preparing :

I started enquiring, reading blogs, collected quite a lot of info about the trek in general and specific. This was my first ever Trek. I was thrilled. I had to arrange few basic things, went to Delhi Cantonment shops and bought many things. You can get at really reasonable price. Check here for checklist https://wanderthroughlens.com/2019/04/17/checklist-and-dos-donts/

The Trek :

Saurkundi Trek : This is one of the popular Trek among YHAI Listed treks. It falls in Himachal Pradesh, a northern state in India.

Base Camp : Babeli, near Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Delhi – Manali high way. 8 km after Kullu.

Note : Kullu and Manali are popular hill stations in India, in Himachal Pradesh.

Reporting day :

1st May 2012. We all (we were six) boarded a state bus from Delhi in the evening and got down at Kullu and took a local tempo to base camp at 0600 hrs in the morning. It was quite cool. Delhi was 45 ‘C plus.

Base Camp Babeli. evening at River Beas side.

Itinerary : It was ten days trek. 1st day – Reporting day and completing the reporting formalities. We were total 48 including few women trekkers.

2nd Day – for acclimatisation – Rock climbing Rappelling, and a short trek.

Babeli Base camp, River Beas

After the break fast, our activities started. We trekked to a nearby hillock. The trek lead made us climb rock and rappel. Few scratches here & there but we managed. Rule here is – listen to trek lead, observe him during the training session and follow the instruction. No adventurism.

Base Camp Babeli, Practice climbing session- climbing down
Base Camp Babeli, view from Practice climbing session
Base Camp Babeli, view from Practice climbing session

3rd Day – Reach Patli Kulu by YHAI bus, about a KM. The trek starts from here. About 4 to 5 hrs of trek. First camp is Segli.

Snow capped mountains on the way to Segli Camp
View of mountain On the way to Segli Camp
Snow peaks On the way to Segli Camp
On the way to Segli Camp, trek through pine forest
Another peak on the way to Segli Camp
Snow capped mountain On the way to Segli Camp

4th Day – Start in the morning after a simple break fast, and pack lunch. Again 4 to 5 hrs to trek through lush green. Reached Hora Thatch by noon.

On the way to Hora Camp.
Village On the way to Hora Camp.
Breath taking view on the way to Hora Camp.

5th Day – About 6 hrs of steep trek. You hit the snow. Nice views. Reach Maylee Thatch.

6th Day – Trek to Daura Thatch. Beautiful trek though quite tiresome. Quite steep up & down.

7th Day – Trek to Longa Thatch crossing Saur lake. We did not see any lake. But wonderful route full of snow and rocks. This was the highest peak of 13000 ft of the entire trek.

On the way to Longa camp, passing through Saurkundi
On the way to Longa camp, passing through Saurkundi. The snow slide was amazing.
On the way to Longa camp, at Saurkundi 12650 ft. Beautiful pristine snow
On the way to Longa camp, climbing down from Saurkundi 12650 ft. This patch was threatening. We literally crawled. Any slip would take you down the hill and would be dangerous.
View from Longa Camp. 10120 ft

8th day – Longa to Lekhni – quite steep descend through thick snow.

On the way to alu ground.
On the way to alu ground.

9th Day – Reach Alu ground near Manali and return to Base camp by YHAI bus. In the evening we bade good bye to fellow trekkers and took a over night bus to Delhi. By next day morning we were back home in Gurgaon.

The entire trek was an enthralling experience. The association of both friends and those became familiar during the trek was very heartening. It is like staying with a mini India. People from all walks of life and many places of India gather together to enjoy the nature.

I came across many small wonders of the nature through out the trek. I grabbed them and compiled here for your eyes.

Through out the trek, the accommodation was in the tent, shared basis. Sleeping bags and rugs were provided by YHAI. Temporary separate washrooms are made available for both men and women. A simple, delicious vegetarian food was cooked and served at each camp.

The trek was led by experienced trek leads. Porters were available at extra cost.

The trek bug bit me , bit me hard. It bewitched me permanently. I got hooked to treks.

I got hooked to Trekking. PC : Internet

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