Beginning of Winter in Switzerland and Ray of hope in India

I spent last two weeks in Vevey, Switzerland on an official training course at our International center. Winter time. Winter was yet to be in full stream. Snow was about to start. It was quite chilled &  cloudy though. Some days during noon it was sunny and beautiful.
As usual it was all fine, neat, ultra clean, good, on time, no uncertainty and wonderful colors. At times it is irritatingly silent over there. Switzerland seems to change color with season.
But how is it related to ray of hope in India. You must be wondering !
I was told by one of my colleagues who is  staying in Switzerland that he lost his debit card in a shopping mall. He next day went back to “lost & found” counter in the mall and the guy there promptly handed back the card.

Today my son (in Gurgaon) lost his high end cell phone in the autorikshaw. Some one who found it called him and handed over to nearest Metro station control room. My son went to metro station and collected it from the control room !
Is it not a reason to feel good and keep the hope going up ? I think so.
Now enjoy some pictures.

Look at our international Training Center
 Tree shedding the leaves………
Colorful Tree. Actually It is shedding….
Silent walk on the lake side.

Château Chillon in Montreux

The castle. I am sure there are many such castles in India. But the way Swiss guys glorify even such small places also to great extent. They promote tourism in real sense. Information, train / bus tickets any info is available. Huge number of visitors throng the place. Every arrangement is made to please and comfort  the tourist.
No doubt the castle is a good place to see as well.
I did not see any names scribbled / etched  on walls of the castle, trying to recall the state of many Indian monuments.

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An avid trekker, traveller, who finally freed himself from a corporate cobweb. Loves lush green, snowy mountains, blue sky and crystal water.

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