Colours of Climate

The mother nature has many wonderful colors. Especially cold climate places – color changes with  season.
Winter  – White all over. Summer – Green and lot of other colors (flowers). Autumn opens up yellow and brown.It is really marvellous to feel and experience it.

Week before last I was in Kharkiv, Ukraine for a week. It was – 5 ‘c minus. It was snowing all over.

Look at the white velvety layer here.

Look at this one taken earlier during summer. What a contrast. These are of course not exactly the same place, but in the same region.

Long walk through white snow.

Dry snow resting on the dried up flower

This cute little bird, (great tit) chirping and hopping even in the harsh winter. Well,  it was harsh for me.


Published by wander through lens

An avid trekker, traveller, who finally freed himself from a corporate cobweb. Loves lush green, snowy mountains, blue sky and crystal water.

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