Sri Krishna Darshana at Dwaraka and Sri Somnatheshwara at Somnath

Myself with my wife Geeta and son Prithvi visited Sri Dwarakadheesh in first week of May 2016.
It was a long pending, well deserved visit.
Location of Dwarakadheesh:It is about 450 km from Ahmadabad airport in state of Gujrat in India. Over night journey by bus. Online booking is possible.

It is about 250 km from Somanath. (5 hrs by road)

I could not take pictures. The picture shown here is from net. (photography is not allowed)

Early morning Aarti was special. Not too much of a crowd.
This is the place where Srikrishna relocated and stayed from Mathura.
I felt the immense source of joy and peace in front of the holy deity. I tried to imagine the events that occurred 5000 years ago in this holy place.
Memory of this visit of Srikrishna will stay with me for long.
Next day we visited Sri Somanatheswara Mandir.
Magnificent Temple complex on the edge of the sea. It Symbolizes the resolve of millions of Hindu believers. This temple has been rebuilt six times, restored after every time it was invaded, looted and destroyed.
This is also known as Prabhas Kshetra where Srikrishna left for his “Nijadhama”
Travel  information :
We flew from Delhi to Ahamadabad, reached Gir by bus over night. Stayed at Gir. Enjoyed the Safari. Visited Somanath Temple by road (2 hrs) on next day. total 3 days stay at Gir.
Travelled to Dwaraka by road – 0ver night journey by road. Stayed at Dwaraka for two days. Next day reached Ahamadabad by road – Day journey. Stayed at Ahamadabad over night. Next day morning flew back to Delhi.
All travel and stay booked online.

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