Bheemeshwara – weekend getaway trekking spot.

Bheemeshwara is a beautiful lush green spot with a blend of  an ancient temple, a sleek  waterfall, a green patch to trek, and  a place where one can enjoy a vegetarian homely meal.
The road itself is enchanting –  filled with lush green forest along side. Road is good too.
We did not trek here per se. We took a car to reach the spot. Last 2 km leg – we walked. (we had to. The mud road was slippery, car could not go.) In fact we enjoyed the walk.

I present my pictures now.

Hardly one can miss the following spot on the way to Kargal/Jog from Sagar.

A Road from Sagara to Bhatkala – not the usual highway, leads you to Bheemeshwara. The sign board indicates that the spot is about 2 km away through the down hill mud road.

Upto this spot the vehicle can go. On the right side is a down hill mud road about 2 km to reach the destination. May be during summer it would be possible to take the car down the road. If you have four wheel drive you can probably risk it.

2 km road surrounded by lush green. Be aware of leeches. They gently climb up your leg and quietly suck the blood. You do not notice it. Not poisonous though, but can cause blood oozing and itching thereafter.
At the base of the hill, you see a lone house. A lone house of “Bhat” who would provide the lunch here. A priest stays in a room next to this house.
You need to climb up further to reach the temple and the waterfall. 
The water fall – Gently flows down the hill
It is said that the water never goes dry here. May be full of water during rainy season.
The Temple complex.
The Nandi Mantapa
The Sanctum Santorum
It is a small temple built under a part of natural porch of the hill. Legend has it that when Pandavas were here during their exile, Draupadi asked Bheema to build Shiva temple so that she can worship Shiva on Shivratri. Bheema obliged and built the temple. No factual data is available about the time of its construction.  The temple is certainly quite ancient. I have no problem in believing  Bheema has built it.
What is interesting is all about the lush green surrounding the place. A walk or trek is really nice one for those who love nature and dense forest.  Rain, leeches, forest, mud road, temple, waterfall all in one.
Visit during November to March if you want to avoid heavy rain and leeches. Visit during the rainy season if you want to relish real Western ghat rain.
I would enjoy both.
Other useful info……
The Lonely family staying over there quite hospitable. They can provide lunch for small group, if informed in advance, at a nominal cost.
The priest conducts  the puja religiously. You can inform him in advance about your visit so that he can organise.
Location :
Very nice green patch drive  from Sagara to the place the Bhatakal road via Kargal, Jog. Road is quite good but zigzag. One must be careful while driving. Those who are not familiar with ghat section terrain, may not drive first time.
Sagara is a small town (Taluka place) about 370 km from Bangalore. There are overnight bus and train connectivity from Bangalore.
Sagara has some good hotels to stay as well.
The spot is about 65 KM from nearest Taluka place – Sagara. You cross Kargal, Jog on the way.
The latitude and longitude are 14.06 N and 74.72 E. 260 mtr altitude.
Best Time to visit :
Those who dread heavy rains may avoid monsoon time (May to July).
It is a really nice weekend getaway from nearby place. You can visit Jog fall too, since it falls en-route.
The place has been so far green. Hope it remains so, for many many more time.
……and the view of Jog Fall, which we visited on the way back.
Google map of the spot from Sagara.

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