Week end visit to Kudli near Shimoga,Karnataka

Kudli – A picturesque serene place near Shimoga, Karnataka, India. Shimoga is about 300 km from Bangalore, has good train and bus connectivity.
The place is confluence of two important rivers of Karnataka. Tunga and Bhadra confluence here to form Tungabhadra river.
In India the place where two or more major rivers join to form another river becomes of place of religious importance. It is natural to have temples, places of worship, mutt in such places. What is more interesting is that such places become center of art and culture too in addition to religious practice. In fact in India temples and art & culture are rarely separable. Over period, in some places the art & culture part wane away due to invasion, local apathy, or vandalism. What remains is called “History”. Sculpture is an integral part of almost any history I guess.
Kudli is no different.
It is a quiet spot for nature lovers, one can enjoy the rippling sound of the river and a scenic sunset.
Those who is interested in sculpture and history of the place can really get into details of  the temple complex.
There are two temples on river bank. One is Sri Rameshwara swamy  and another is Sri Chintamani Narasimha swamy. There is one roof less Shiva temple too.
Sri Rameshwara Swamy Temple
The emblem of Hoysala dynasty is clearly visible on top of the temple “Gopura”.
Sri Chintamani Narasimha Swamy Temple.
Sri Rameshwara Swamy Temple back side view
Another Shiva Temple.
There is one small HariHara Temple just at the spot where two rivers join.
The temple complex is relatively well maintained.
There is a  Sringeri Sharada peetha Mutt and Sri Sharadamba temple and also a Sri Vaishnava mutt in the location.
A little bit history of the place.
The history goes back to 12thcentury to 16th century. Many different kings had ruled this spot. Hoysala, Vijayanagara, keladi – Ikkeri kings.
There are few “Shilashasana” available for those who are keen to research further.
The river seems shallow in some places particularly during summer. It is reported that the water level goes quite high covering the steps during rainy season.
As I said before the inside temple complex is quite maintained neat and clean. However it is terrible to see the beautiful stone sculptures just strewn around in the water.
It is not known as to why such beautiful carving are lying neglected. They all could be just placed inside the complex as museum. It is pity that they are left ignored.
The authorities have shown “Divya Nirlakshya” to these sculpture and the spot next to the steps. (BTW the temple seems to be under state Mujarai department)
An equally irresponsible visitor too could have contributed the garbage.
This could have been taken care.
This place is certainly a short weekend getaway spot for those who stay in  Shimoga.
Location :
This is about 16 km from Shimoga city on Chennagiri road.
Nearest place to stay is Shimoga only.
Shimoga is 300 km from bangalore in Karnataka state.
The place is open through out the year, but best time to visit is October to April.

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