Blue Sky, Lush Green, Fresh Chilled Air – Huge snow fall. Tunganath trek.

I went on a Himalayan trek during first week of April this year, with my regular friends.
The destination was Tungnath and Chandrashila in Uttarakhand, at an approximate height of 12000 ft. Base camp is a small village called Saari, about 220 km from Rishikesh.
Saari – Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal – Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila. (0 – 2.5 km – 7 km – 7 km – 3.5 km – 1.25 km)

How to get there :

From Delhi take a bus for Rishikesh. Over night journey. ( 250 km, 8 hrs) One can book  bus online. From Rishikesh take a bus for Rudraprayag (140 km 5 hrs).  From Rudraprayag take a bus to Ukhimath (45 km, 2  hrs). From Ukhimath take a local taxi for Sari Village. (15 km 30 minutes)
There are some over night restrictions applicable in Deoria Tal and Rohni Bugyal. May not be allowed. Preferred to stay at sari and/or Chopta. Of course you can some rooms or best way is to carry your tent. We carried our tent.

Our Trek :

We could not reach our destination – Tungnath and Chandrashila due to heavy rains , freezing cold, amazing heavy snow fall. I and my one fellow trekker still attempted to climb up but had to bow down to fury of nature. We were short of 1 km from Tungnath. Snow fall was too heavy and rough. Nevertheless we enjoyed the snow fall.
This time – what touched me most is the life style of the people out there, and of course the nature which I love most – I tried to bring it up.
Here are the few.
The life style in such mountain villages, especially for the women members of the family is really tough. They live on a very limited resources. Survival is extremely difficult. Most of the groceries to come from small towns from the foot hill at a higher cost.
Not many job opportunities for men locally. They take up odd jobs, many become trek guide, porter, cook during trekking season.  Women manage the house, work in fields, farms, and collect fire wood and fodder from far of places.
Here every male kid – dreams to join Indian Army that too as commando.
Beautiful view of little village / field – Saari.
Women working in the wheat field. They continued to work even under a spell of thunderstorm, where we took shelter.
Women go out over 5 to 8 km away to bring home the fodder, on their back. They must be carrying at least double their body weight. Mind you – this 5 to 8 km distance is not a plain land, but quite steep up & down.
These local women wander through forest with their cattles for grazing them.
This young guy, Sanjay, another porter with us, too wants to join Indian Army. He gave this heroic pose when I said I take his picture.

The trek guide and lead – Lakky Chand (08476914324) with me.

This young Neeraj (7409334332) doing his graduation, dreams to join Indian Army as a commando. Doing this kind of odd job during short vacation, gives him some financial help to cover some of his daily expenses.
This little cute boy, was on his short vacation from school – working at his uncle’s Dhaba – part time job. He is in class 5thand you know what – He too wants to become commando in Indian Army.
Our local guide was proud to show this big house, a palace to the local standards, which is now empty and dilapidated.
……..and where are the occupants now ———- all them in Indian Army………………..!
This little girl, Poorti – look at the confidence in her eyes.
I do not know what she wants to become and what she would become. I am sure – given the chance and opportunity she could be an Olympic class athlete or a Bollywood celebrity, Likelihood is that she ends up like the ones appeared above. In no way I am demeaning these local women. Similarly I am in no way glorifying Bollywood celebrities. The energy and confidence in her made me think so.
I rather developed a high respect and regard to these local heros and heroines.
My throat choked for a while.
I do not know what is right, what is wrong. Easiest way to accept the life as it is, is to accept the concept of fate – KARMA SIDDHANTA.
What else impressed me ?
Fresh chilled air, lush green, blue sky – all of these are extinct in Gurgaon. I miss them.

Beautiful Deori Tal. Just 2 km trek from Sari Village.

Few views of Deoria Tal.
Trek route was full of colorful Rhododendron, in full bloom.  These bright colored flowers fill your heart through out the route.

Small little flowers along the route. Colorful – beautiful tiny ones grow just at an inch or two from the ground.

We just missed our distention – a KM above – we would have reached Tungnath.
We gingerly trekked several meters ahead under snow fall, but snow fall rapidly increased. Our guide was little ahead of us came back and told us that – one more hour – then this route would be filled with snow and could not be identified and returning would be impossible. We bowed down to the nature and returned some how.
Sleeping in the tent in a sleeping bag is an experience. Not always easy.
Rivulets along the way……………….
Serene water fall close to Rishikesh, Neer Ghar or Neer gadda.
We the people – who trekked together, some times panting, gasping, and enjoyed thoroughly.
Myself, Arunachala, Venkatesh kanle, Venkat rao from left to right.
We did river rafting in Holy River Ganga. It is an enthralling experience to do River rafting through several rough rapids. We took 17 km ride, jumped into river in between……  it was fun.
For those who are keen to get more details of trek, will have to wait for the sequel of this. Part 2 – will be soon on air I hope.
You may contact Lakky Chand if you are interested in doing the trek. He will be happy to be your guide.

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