Monuments of Delhi – Humayun’s Tomb

People from all over the country and world visit Delhi. The city is full of historical spots, monuments and museums.
I stay close to Delhi, yet rarely visited monuments. Last Sunday me and one of my friend with common interest of photography decided to spend a morning at a monument.

We set out to visit Humayun’s tomb. It opens from 0700 hr to 1800 hrs. Website says it is open on all days. Better to check. Some times these are closed on Monday and/or Friday. Entry fee Rs 30/- for Indian. More for foreigner.

It is located in central Delhi, not far off from Nizamuddins railway station.

I thought I will do some research before visiting. My research is actually searching on Google and read the relevant stuff.  I viewed many pictures, and read Wikipedia.

I just provide a short snapshot here. Rest you may “research” at your will.

Humayun is Babur’s son and Akbar’s father. That should suffice. However I must mention his death, after all it is a Tomb.

Poor guy must have fought many battles and survived but died when he slipped down the stairs and shattered his skull at the age of 48. His body was buried twice before finally rested here.

His wife built this tomb at the cost f Rs 15 lakhs then. His real complete name was Mirza Nasir ud din Baig Muhammad Khan Humayun. 

Now some of the pictures I clicked. There are few other’s tombs adjacent to main tomb.

The 16th century Octagonal shaped tombs are rare, I understood during my “research”. The structure is intact and original colors seemed to have faded though.
Above one is an example of inspiration. Inspired by many “Pro” photographers. You will see this kind of ” Arched” pictures for sure in Pro’s collection, specially monuments.
I am learning ……………
Isa Khans Tomb. Beautiful octagonal shaped Persian style structure. Isa Khan was a nobleman in Sher Shah Suri’ court – I read Wikipedia. Do not ask me what is the connection between Suri, Isa khan and Humayun.
 Another nice view of Isa Khan’s Tomb.
 Isa Khan’s mosque next to his Tomb. He is said to have made an elaborate plan for his tomb and the mosque at which he used to pray.
 Lush green, neat lawn. Well maintained.
This one is Humayun’s Tomb. It is huge square structure. Few other views below

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