Monuments of Delhi – Purana Qila,

This week I visited  Purana Qila, Old Fort in Delhi.

This is the original spot where Pandavas built Indraprastha Palace during Mahabharata time. This is actually called as Pandavon ka qila.

I had no clue that I would visit a spot that has a direct link to the spot which I visited last time.

Last time I wrote about Humayuns death. I did not know as to where exactly he fell down and died.

This is Sher Mandal. Sher Shah Suri is believed to have built it as a pleasure place  . Humayun reoccupied empire, and said to have used this building as his library. He while on the second floor steps heard the call for prayers and in hurry trying to kneel down, fell down and died after three days.

Some more views of the Sher Mandal here below

Museum is housed in the rooms made along the wide wall of the fort (below ) Most rooms are closed. I do not know why.
Read more on Sher Mandal below.

Below view is along the fort wall from inside the fort. The number of rooms now mostly closed. Beware ! you are likely to see young couples cuddling here and there. I understood many couple come here to spend quality time here.

Kunha Masjid.

Kunha Masjid from different view point.

The neat path leading to other ruins – called Humayun Darwaza

It has a step well (Baoli in Hindi – Bavi in my mother tongue). It is different kind of a design I would say – since it has steps and covered from top as well. You may refer the board here below to know more types of ancient wells.

There is a ruined spot called Hamam. Hamam means bath room or a SPA (?). Below picture describes the Hamam.

I instantly recalled – there used to be a soap branded “Hamam”.

There is a small museum inside the fort. There are many artefacts, pottery, etc from 300 BC time, found during earlier excavation.

The place is close to India Gate. Very next to it the National Zoological park and Delhi Zoo. (Zoo is closed on Friday)

The place is open from 0700 hrs to 1700 hrs, open all the days. (I at least did not see any sign boards). Funny part is that the parking opens at 0900 hrs.
Do not worry, there is enough space on road side to park your vehicle.

The entry fee is Rs.20 per person including entry to museum.

Those who are interested in pure history may only visit. There is nothing fancy and very artistic. It is all ruins.

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