Nag Tibba Trek – 26th Jan 2018

Jan 26th is India Republic day. I never have missed watching Parade for many many years. This time I missed.
It was long weekend hence I planned a short trek. Nag Tibba was already on my radar. If you have only three days chutti and if you are in & around National Capital Region (NCR), go for it.

I booked the trek online through India hikes. ( This is my second trek with India hikes.

I travelled Delhi – Dehradun by a private bus. It was to start by 2300 hrs. Finally left at 0030 hrs. Driver took 30 minutes driving all the way to take an U turn to come back to same spot where he had started, to fill fuel.
We were to reach Dehradun by 0530 hrs. By 0700 clock driver was still driving around at 30 kmph in some remote jungle road. He had no clue of the road, we understood, when an exasperated co passenger bashed him and became his navigator.

Finally I landed at ISBT at 0800 hrs. Quickly took an Auto to reach the railway station, which was our first meeting point with all other group members. We were to start from railway station by 0630 hrs.

We were already connected through watsapp group. Group lead young Shivam was waiting for me. Felt sheepish reaching so late, holding all others. But a small solace was that three more girls reached ten minutes later than me.

Guys – forgive me for reaching late.

We were total 24 members divided into two minibuses. We started off by 0900 I think.
On the way we had good breakfast and moved on to reach our starting point Pantwari.

It took nearly three hours to reach Pantwari from Dehradun.  Soon we picked up pack lunch and started off. I was hungry and finished half the pack lunch (Puri and Aloo) there only.

Dressed up applied some sun cream, wore layers of warm clothing and started off with my camera hanging out on my shoulder.

I share an anecdote here from one of my previous trek.

Just before starting the trek, two guys, completely unknown to each other, took out sun screen lotion and started applying as I was curiously watching. ( I have less inclination to use it somehow). One of them peeked into the other guys lotion and asked the SPF number. He said 30. This fellow who had a lotion with SPF 40, gave a free lecture on SPF and announced that it should be minimum 40 to be really effective. The guy with SPF 30 refused to be cowed down and said he would apply two coats !!!!!

Back to our trek now.

 Panttwari – the starting point.

Our base camp was about 5 km uphill through dry hilly patch.  It was getting chillier as we crawled up.

…. Selfie to banta hai before the walk.

The patch was steep in some places and mostly uninteresting like. Just dry patch.

Pantwari village down below
On the way we rested and quenched ourselves with water stream over there. Quite  refreshing to drink water from a mountain stream that too when you are tired, gasping, panting.
Finally reached our base camp at around 1600 hrs. Beautiful spot.
Bright yellow tents already pitched in and waiting.
All three in one cosy tents – India hikes standard.
There were few other groups as well, adding colours to location.
We all settled down, threw our back packs into the tents and started to move around a bit.
A mud hut looked wonderful

We were well on time to witness the sun set. Watching the sun going down the horizon from the base camp was awesome.
Sky was not dramatic, however it was no less beauty, watching sun going down soaking the hills with warm colour.

We soon after had good dinner with Roti Daal, Subji and Rice.

Trek lead Shivam declared the next day’s plan, which was getting up at three and get ready to walk up to summit – did not go well many of us. Who would want to get up at three in the morning that too with freezing cold, temperature reaching 1 ‘c or something.
It was really getting cold, despite many warm layers. I was only comfortable once I got snugged into cosy sleeping bag.
Shivam promptly gave an wake up call in early morning. Got up and had a quick facewash brrrrrrr….It was bloody chill
Breakfast was Upma and Daliya. I had Daliya and was ready to go. We also got a pack of Roti Roll and santra for the trail.
We would come back to the base camp after hitting the summit, hence left the backpack and took just what was needed.
We put on jackets, caps, head lamps and started the trek in dark around 0500 hrs.
Gradually the trail was getting steeper and woody. We just walked behind the next guy in the pitch dark almost for two hours. By 0700 hrs it was clear and patches of hardened snow were visible as we progressed.

Way up through snow.

View of peaks at a distance. Nandadevi, chowkamaba….

Chowkamaba peak in the back at a distance.

The Summit. Near 3000 mtr altitude.

The summit- nice to have reached the summit. You could see few more peaks including Nanda devi, but could not get a good click.

We finally made it to  Nag Tibba

We trekked 6 km back to base camp . It was risky walking down the snow filled steep. I slid few times. One lady was seen sliding down all the way.  Some enjoyed the slide, some feared I guess.
Reached base camp, had a good lunch, rajma Chawal, custard and salad.  Started back and reached Pantwari by 1745 hrs. Left for Dehradun by same minibus and reached at around 2130 hrs.
My bus was at 2357 hrs. I just had light dinner and slept off in the bus. reached Delhi by 0530 hrs.
Reached home in Gurgaon by 0700 hrs
During winter, take enough warm layers and a good shoe.
Last two km, through snow, and getting down back was a task.

It was very nice good, short trek.
Spending time with nature and garbing it through camera is close to my heart. I recharged myself.

Published by wander through lens

An avid trekker, traveller, who finally freed himself from a corporate cobweb. Loves lush green, snowy mountains, blue sky and crystal water.

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