Surajkund Mela, Full of vibrant colours.

Worlds biggest handicraft show happens at  Surajkund, in Haryana, 40 km from Gurgaon every year at around this time of the year. (This time from Feb 2nd to Feb 18th).
There is a ten century old big open well, now no longer a well. All dried up, hence the name Suraj-kund.
It is a huge open air place, where stalls are setup. Handcrafts, shawls, stole, wool, dress materials, fashion jewellery, carpets, Brass, copper articles, wooden art, pots, mugs……………………list never ends so to say.
Any such fair is incomplete with out food court. Umpteen number of variety of north and south Indian food stalls.
Lot of people, lot of colours.
I visited the Mela for the first time though I have been in Gurgaon for many years. I had read about it.
One of my friends asked me if we were interested. I said yes and we just went and really enjoyed the day.
My wife  thoroughly enjoyed and could shop many handcraft house hold decorative things.

I took some colourful pictures.

It  was full of bright colours every where.
If you want to shop good handicrafts items, jostle around with lots of people, relish good food, enjoy cultural programs, visit Surajkund Mela, take your family and friends.
Beautiful wood carving   by one Hemantkumar from Kerala. The artisan was very curious if I were from a news paper. He was probably a little disappointed when I said no. But I told, his picture would appear on my blog, as if I have a billion followers.
As promised Here below is his image doing what he does best.
Huge Ganesha Idol wood carving, very special one with similar carving on back as well.

Wooden carvings, from Tunisia. Lots of items, quite expensive, claimed that they are made of Olive tree.

The jugs, the pots, chess board what not……huge collection.

Another wood carving of a Hindu goddess, below is the another Ganesh idol in laid back posture.

A group of “Kat Putli ” artists performing, proudly displaying their awards including a Guinness Record.
I saw their images on the earlier Mela as well. I believe they take pride in showcasing their performance in the Mela every year and hopefully they will be able to continue to keep the art form live for coming generations too.
One of the Kat Putli artists with a bright Pagdi.
Another artist who willingly posed for me with a smile.
He was no performer I guess. He was proudly showing off his moustache and Tricolor Pagdi.
Hooka person was delighted to pose for me.

What a mesmerising Radha Krishna Idol, made of Brass. I just could not take my eyes off. Too good.

Whole lot of brass and copper, stone items on the sale. Huge collections. Beautiful artefacts.

Artificial fashion Jewellery at its best, I would say. So colourful and good.
Ear Rings
Variety of necklaces, bracelet, bangles, ear rings, ………………………..I can not explain.
Very colourful light shades.
A Jumki. Very nice one.

You will witness colour everywhere. Look any where, you will be looking at colours only. Below pictures show the colours of Surajkund Mela.

It is real Mela in true sense.

Fashion Jewellery
Colour every where, everything is colourful
Porcelain pots,

There were many performers with ethnic costumes, local musical instruments, and dancing  at different places of the fair.  Anyone could join them at will and dance all the way.

Below is a beautiful metallic artistic jug from Morocco

Here below is a smart guy who dressed up the colorful Pagdi (Turban) to any one who wished to , of course at Rs.100/- each. If you want a take away of the Pagdi, then it costs Rs.300.

Me, below, I had my turban wish fulfilled.
Watchful Security
Lots of people, Lots of food stalls
                                                     Kullhad ki Kulfi, Colorful Pan.
Last words:

Entry fee Rs.120 on week days, 180 on weekends. 50% discount for senior citizens.

The arrangements to maintain cleanliness and security was evident and much appreciable.

Every year the show is based on a state theme. This time it was the state of UP.
Countries like Kenya, Morocco, Uzbeksthan, Kazaksthan, Srilanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Tunisia show case their handicrafts and artefacts.  There were some more countries. I forgot to note down.

Surajkund Mela – what gets etched in my mind is bright colours of our India, truly, literally.

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