Doodh Sagar Water Fall, Goa

I landed here by error.

Plan was to visit a water fall near to Tambdi Surla Shri Mahadev Temple, after visiting Tambdi surla Temple.

I had told the cab driver the same. He nodded with confidence. I took it on the face value. I did not cross check.

Doodh Sagar water fall is another popular water fall close to Tambdi Surla Temple, falling in the same Bhagawan Mahaveer Wild life sanctuary.  The cab driver automatically assumed it to be Doodhsagar, when I said water fall.

My plan to visit the Tambdi Surla water fall, which is less crowded I guess.

After Tambdi Surla Temple, we started off. 30  minutes later i realised that something was wrong and asked the cab driver. He promptly answered.

Hmmm….. I thought for a while and then accepted to visit Doodhsagar. It was anyway in my list but not during this time.

Location :

It falls in Bhagawan Mahaveer Wild life Sanctuary, about 60 km from Panaji. Nearly 50 km from Ponda on NH 748 towards Mollem.

Road is quite good. Not much of traffic.

Best Time to visit :

Good time of day to visit is morning hours, before noon atleast, I would say.  During the peak rainy seasons the Doodh sagar route is closed. So, choose your time of day and month accordingly.

Collem is the base spot. Beyond this point, you can not take your vehicle. You need to take the shared jeep organised by the local union of jeep organisers.

It was 1100 hrs when I reached the spot. There was long Q for ticketing. It was quite hot sunny day.

I really do not like a crowded place on a nature trail like this. I for a moment thought of going back. But stayed on anyway.

How it works at the location :

I have to explain the system for the sake of readers who would visit.
Entry to trail : Rs.400 per person considering that you take the shared jeep of seven. Rs.2800/- per jeep.

Every one must take a life jacket. It is mandatory. You can get it on rent at Rs.30/-

Camera fee (standard camera) : Rs.30/-. Mobile camera is ok. No fees.

Forest entry fee : Rs. 50 per person.

One can walk the trail. Fees are still applicable except Rs.400/-  Life jacket is still mandatory.

They have limited number of jeeps. Each jeeps takes seven guys to the water fall base, which is 12 km and takes 45 minutes. You will be there for about one and half hours and then return by the same jeep. The road is jungle trail.

There is a strict guy with far south Indian hard accent who controls the operation of ticketing and assigning the jeeps.

If you are group of seven then it is simple, he takes Rs.2800/- and gives you the jeep number and calls the driver. If not, he will make you sit, (not yet taken the money). You will have to wait till he forms a group of seven. Once group of seven is formed including you, he would take the money and you are off on the vehicle.

He must have been a wonderful air hostess in his previous birth. The way he explains – what you should do and should not, about safety, timing, route etc and manages the counter, he is no less than an experienced air hostess, except that he did not have the grace of of an air hostess.

Let alone grace, he was like an ex SS nazi officer doing air hostess’s job like.

How ever I could not avoid appreciating him for what he was doing diligently.

The 12 km trail is through rough jungle road, muddy, bumpy, good green. I thoroughly enjoyed.
I do not think it will be good idea to go there during rainy season, if you are not familiar with tropical forest. It a very beautiful lush green tropical natural forest.
Once you reach the water fall, you are on your own, Just walk down further few hundred meters and hit the water fall.
It is river Mandovi flowing across state of Karnataka and crossing state of Goa before merging with Arabian sea near Panaji.
The river falls down almost 300 mtr and 30 wide. It must be much more beautiful during rainy season.
You can jump into water and spend enjoy the nice water. Life jacket is for this reason, I understood later.
Beautiful water fall. What i did not like is the noise the people were making. Well, every body has a different way of enjoying the nature.  I should not complain.
Now the pictures :

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