Unchalli Water Fall, Yana Rocks and Vibhuti Water fall.

Unchalli Water Fall
Location :
A beautiful roaring water fall in the middle of dense forest near Sirsi, Karnataka. The spot is about 35 km from Sirsi in Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka, a southern state. Sirsi is about 400 km from Bangalore.
River Aghanashini drops down about 116 mtr in to steep valley. It is named after a British collector Lushington. Not many are aware of this name hence do not bother.
Locally it is also called Keppa Joga I read.
There are view points built by the forest authorities in vantage positions.
Do not attempt to climb down the steep valley. It could be fatal.
People could enjoy a trek of 5 km from a hamlet called Heggarane, through thick forest. Other wise vehicle can reach as close as 0.5 km from the water fall.
We drove close to the spot, though I would have enjoyed the trek. We were in a small group and had plans to cover more in a day.
Follow the GPS and check intermittently with locals if any road block occurred in previous night, you will safely reach the spot.
Best time to visit :  October to February.
Be aware it rains cats & dogs during rainy season –   June  to August.  You can visit during rainy season if you are hardcore trekker and like to get drenched.
Walk through this mud road about half a km and you will hit the water fall.
Deafening, Roaring sound and view of water fall mesmerises.
YANA The Gigantic Rock formation
Location :
Yana is a spot where you encounter a huge rock formation in the middle of dense forest. This is about 1 hour drive from Unchalli water fall, 40 km from Sirsi, 30 km from Kumta in Uttara Kannda District, Karnataka.
Two huge rock formation are known as Bhiraveshwara and Mohini  Shikhara. It is also pilgrimage place. People throng here during Maha Shiva Ratri.
There is a small cave temple with self manifested Shivalinga, with natural water dripping constantly on the self manifested Linga. It is said that the water drops remain constant through out the year even during heavy monsoon.
Enjoy the images of the rock formations.
Mohini Shikara
Bhyraveshwara Shikhara
One can walk around the rock – Bare foot Parikrama of the Bhyraveshwara
Vibhuti water Fall
Location :
After Yana we headed for Vibhuti walls. Here do not follow GPS. It shows a round about route. Follow the short cuts with the help of locals.
If you are travelling from Sirsi, you can reach via Devanahalli, Hegadekatta, about 35 km. If you have to travel from Yana to Vibhuti, you can follow the below shown route, using a short cut.
We had a lunch break in between. There are few road side hotels. Better if you carry your food.
The Vibhuti fall is a small beautiful hidden in Sahyadri range of western ghats. You need to walk a paved, mud road of about 1 km through dense forest. It is a nice lush green patch with fresh air.
Carry a set of spare clothing if you want to take a dip and swim in the small pond formation. Very refreshing to lay down in such a fresh water.
There is a life guard present, just to keep a watch on – over confident tourists.
Best time to visit : October to February. It would be difficult during heavy monsoon I guess, except for those who dare heavy rains and leeches.
Now enjoy the pictures.
Walk through dense forest for about 0.5 km and then hit the Water Fall
How to reach : 
Unchalli, Yana, Vibhuti can be covered in a day if you drive along either from Sagara or Sirsi.
Unchalli water fall, Yana, Vibhuti Fall would be around 180 km altogether if you start from Sagara and bit less if you start from Sirsi.
Distance between Sagara and Sirsi is about 70 KM.
Distance between Bangalore and Sagara is about 400 km.
Nearest Railway : Sirsi
Nearest airport : Mangalore.
Best time to  visit : October to February.
If you like heavy rains and dare leeches, visit during June July.

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