Talakaadu Temples

This is continuation from my previous post of Somanathapura.

I finished my photoshoot at Somanathapura by 0945 and headed towards Talakaadu.

In the region the bus service is not so  frequent. Shared autos ply quite regular and less expensive. I took a shared auto from Somanathapura to Mudukutore. Again another shared auto to reach Talakadu. I was there by 1100 hrs.

From Somanathapura, one can reach Talakadu via T Narasipura as well. Somanathapura is about 35 km from Mysore.

It is about 25 km and takes 45 minutes.

Talakadu does not seem to have any decent place to stay. Better to stay at Mysore.

Talakadu is about 48 km Mysore in Karnataka state. Mysore is about 125 km from Bangalore the state capital of Karnataka.
Preferred route is from Mysore to Somanathapura – visit Temple and then move on to Talakadu
History and Legend :

Talakadu has close relationship  with erstwhile kings of Mysore Wodeyor dynasty of Karnataka.

Origin of the city of Talakadu is lost in time. However earliest reference is that it was called as Dala Vana pura in Sanskrit, built by Ganga line of kings (247 – 267 AD) as their capital. By 11th century, Chola dynasty occupied Talakadu.  Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana took over the city after 100 years or so. Hoysalas retained it up till 14th century. It was then ruled by Viajayanagara Kings or by their feudatory kings.
Here is the legend.

In 1610 it was conquered by the Mysore Rāja under the following circumstances. Tirumala-Rāja, sometimes called Srī Ranga Rāya, the representative of the Vijayanagar family at Seringapatam (Srirangapatna), being afflicted with an incurable disease, came to Talkād for the purpose of offering sacrifices in the temple of Vaidyēsvara. His second wife Alamelamma was left in charge of the Government of Srirangagapattanam ; but she, hearing that her husband was on the point of death, soon after left for Talkād with the object of seeing him before he died, handing over Srirangapattanam and its dependencies to Rāja Wodeyar of Mysore, whose dynasty ever since retained them. It appears that Rāja Wodeyar had been desirous of possessing the jewels which was the property of the Rāni, and being unable to obtain them, and eager to seize at any pretext, he levied an army and proceeded against the Rani. Rāni Alamelamma thereupon went to the banks of the Cauvery, and throwing in the jewel, drowned herself opposite Mālangi, at the same time uttering a three-fold curse,-“Let Talakād become sand ; let Mālangi become a whirlpool ; let the Mysore Rājas fail to beget heirs.” The latter part continues to affect the royal family.

Thereafter the town of Talakadu is covered under huge sand dunes. 

Note : The above history and story – courtesy wikipedia. 

What ever the legend says, one thing is sure that said area is surprisingly filled with huge sand mounds. Very strange. Near by river Kaveri bank is like a beach. Kaveri river must have flooded and pushed the sand onto cover the town.

The temples what we see today are said to have been excavated and many more are still unearthed. Many of them are in sand pits. Four Temples are currently visible and open for public. 
Vaideshwara and keerti Narayana are very beautiful and prominent. Other two are smaller ones. Once in 12 years a great “Jatra” happens here it is said. 

Temples are majestic, beautiful deities and worshiping is allowed. 

The nearby Kaveri bank is more commercialised. Lot of tourists / picnic crowd. 

Crowd has no sense of Swach Bharat.

Now I show best part – the pictures :
If you want to take river ride, go for the raft. Learn swimming before you attempt it. No life jackets. Rafts are locally  made out of Bamboo.
Sri Keerti Narayana Temple. The structure in front is “Mahadwara
Temple from a distance.
Closer view of ” Mahadwara” Main gate.
Sri Vaidyeshwara temple.
On the way back, I again took shared auto to reach Narasipura. From Narasipura I took a KSRTC Bus to reach Nanjnagud by 1430 hrs.

The trip was good filled with legend, history, mystery, kings, curse and I took lot of beautiful pictures.

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