Chandni Chowk – the chaos and miracle juxtaposed.

I have no idea how things work in Chandni Chowk.  It is a place in Delhi, where you can get almost anything, everything.
Be it fashion jewellery, dress materials, camera stuff, mobile, music equipment, shoes, goggles, spices, dry fruits, street food, sweets,……………………………………………….. endless.
There are shops in a row for wedding cards making only.  There are shops for paratha, jalebi, …………… It is literarily end less.
There are people everywhere, Tourists included. Famous Red Fort is just on one side of the Chandni Chowk. Historical Gurudwara and the temple are standing together for ages.
It is difficult to walk on the pavement or footpath or on road. You have no choice but to move along the crowd.
It is busy brisk life in the open.  In the middle of it the authorities have started the renovation job of the whole road.
Government has a grand plan to turn it in to  an wonderful shopping experience with wide roads, and plants and what not. Work is going on.
I really do not know how authorities and their workers work over there, no idea as to how system works here, basic civic amenities like water, electricity, sanitary system, sewage. It is mind boggling to see sea of people here.
Look at these two picture of electricity system and the sea of people here.
PC : Internet
PC : Internet
Believe me — this is not on just one or two poles. It is like this almost through out the area. This is how it is.
I am an electrical engineer and once upon a time I was incharge of a rural electricity area in Goa, where things were not this terrible.
Read The blue coloured board in the middle of the picture. It reads “NO HAWKING, NO SQUATTING”
Now look at the picture below, it is just in front of the board, by the order of the  Dilli Sarkar. I feel pity on the authorities.
In the middle of the utter chaos, a street side circus show is in full swing.
You have to visit Chandni Chowk to believe it. You need to stand anywhere and pause to relish the surrounding.
Some how things work – how ? Miracle.
Chandni chowk is perfect example of miracle and chaos juxtaposed.
I went around shooting mouth watering street food stuff.
Yummy Jalebis first.
My wife is fond of jalebis. I just showed her the picture. She started salivating and announced that she had already planned a visit to chandni chowk with her friend next week.  Hmmm…. I did not know the plan.

Next on some savoury.

Some more for those who are heath conscious :

The Carrot and Moolangi are real  juicy and tasty especially during the winter.

I believe my photos speak for themselves. Hence I did not caption them. Hope you agree.
Next time when you are in Delhi – do take time out for a day, visit Red Fort. Chandni Chowk is just across the road.


If you want to spice up your Delhi experience you can visit ” Spice market” which is 10 to 15 minutes away from Chandni Chowk on Cycle rickshaw. It is close to old Delhi Railway Station.

Spice market is another miracle street. You will see shops selling all kinds of spices, dry fruits. Whole street is full of spice shops and its support system ( carts, people, loading unloading of bags, …….)

In between, lots of street food – Jalebis, pakodas, nuts, Gol Gappa…..and what not besides dry fruits and spices.

 An elderly people, may be brothers selling fresh spices and some vegetables. 
Kind of Dosa or Dosa Roll on street. Locally it is called Cheela

Gol Gappa
All fried and spicy
Deep Fried Pakodas
People walk all over in all direction 
A make shift communication centre for public I guess. 

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