Mayapur is a small town located on the bank of river Ganga, at the confluence of River Jalangi with River Ganga in West Bengal, India. It is about 130 km north of Kolkatta, at least 4 hrs drive from Kolkata airport. The main attraction of the town is Mayapur Dham, the world headquarters of ISKCON. The Temple complex is a huge township of its own. A beautiful temple is being built and expected to be inaugurated by 2022.

The pictorial representation of the Temple of Vedic Planetarium. (TOVP)

Town ship and The Temple:

There are guest houses, residential rooms, shops, restaurants, dining places, small Planetarium, park, huge car parking place,Guashala besides the temple and Srila Prabhupad’s pushpa Samadhi mandir. Lots of places to quench and fill your stomach, of-course everything is Satvic. No onion, Garlic, Mushrooms. You get everything from South / North India, Continental, Pizzas, and Momos.

Aerial view of the temple.
The Temple dome will be the biggest dome in the world.
Nice pathways in side the premise
Another view of Temple
Another view
Aerial view of the Mandir
Devotees blissfully strolling
Devotees blissfully walking towards Temple
Another view of the temple with silhouette of sunset
Sri La PrabhuPad’s Pushpa samadhi
Well manicured lawn
A small about 120 seater planetorium. There are regular shows about Nabadweep mandala and Samudra Mathana, both in Bengali and English. English shows are twice a day only.
A Mobile juice Center. Fresh sugar cane juice and Coconut water are very refreshing.
A kid enjoying the sugar cane juice.
One of the guest houses. There are different guest houses to suit the budget. No online booking. One must call some one at Mayapur complex to book the room. Not expensive at all.
Gada (Mace) guest house and dining hall.
Gada Bhavan (mace Bhavan) dining hall
Most eco friendly, sustainable, bio degradable plate
Simple, delicious Prasadam

Mayapur is surrounded by many historical spots related to the life of Sri Chitanya Mahaprabhu and his devotees. with in 15 km of radius. One needs to cross the river using boats to reach the places.

Crossing River Jalangi
Crossing River Jalangi
Mayapur Temple in the silhouette.
At Dawn the devotees are waiting to cross river Ganga
Deity and devotees are crossing River Jalangi during Parikrama

People from all over the world come to visit the Dham. Devotees stay for 10 or 20 days to take part in Parikrama and Kirtan.

Devotees on Parikrama
Devotees heading towards Temple.
Devotees in a chat with a girl.
Cow at Gaushala
Devotees are waiting to cross the Ganga at Jetty

While the main temple is being built the deities are placed in the other building, where all the rituals, worship services take place. Once the main building is ready, the deities will be reinstalled.

Sri Narasimha Deva
Pancha Tatva. Sri Advita Acharya, Nityanad Prabhu, Chitanya Mahaprabhu, Gadadhar Pandit, Srivasa Acharya.
Sri Krishna, Radharani with her Ashta Sakhi.

There are other temples also in the town, belonging to Guadiya Vasihnava sect. Main attraction being ISKCON Mandir.

When to visit:

Visit during winter time. Summer is really blazing hot and humid. Kartik time (November) or during Kirtan Mela / Parikrama time (Februvary ) is the best time to visit.

Stay :

Stay in the township. Book your rooms according to your budget. Double room with AC, Non AC, Shared rooms with common wash rooms, shared rooms with attached bathrooms – choose your choice. Only issue is that one needs to book through contact only.

Travel :

By air – Delhi – Kolkata.

by Train – Delhi – Kolkata.

Kolkata – Mayapur -by bus or by boat or cabs.

Mayapur is 130 km north of Kolkata.

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