River that took a magnificent U turn. Boppard Germany.

Probing for next hike.

I was probing for my next weekend destination. Best way is to browse the travel blogs of various individuals. When you search the Google, you get to see portals of many commercial travel agencies, which are are less use and uninteresting. So I look beyond these top rated web sites. After a few unsuccessful search, you will find some treasure houses with beautiful pictures and information. These blogs provide most authenticate information.

Other authentic information are available from official sites of respective city authorities. Wikipedia, of course provides documentary data.

Found a cool spot

I stumbled upon an amazing looking image of the river Rhine taking an U turn and a beautiful view, mixed with a short hiking opportunity. It was Boppard with train connectivity through mainz from Osthofen.

Set off on 10th Nov Sunday

I took 0830 train from Osthofen and reached Boppard at 1100 hrs including waiting time at Mainz station. Unfortunately it was still foggy. I was hoping it be little bit sunny (as per forecast)

Boppard train station.
Almost empty Boppard station.

You will see a sculpture just out of Boppard train station.

Sculpture outside Boppard train station.

Boppard Station

The statue of composer Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921) who lived here in Boppard back in the day. Apparently he composed the opera Hansel and Gretel in 1893. 

It was bloody chilled and foggy weather. Forecast was partially right.

My plan was to first go to Vierseenblick and then take tiny train – Boppard-Buchholz-Emmelshausen. There were few other places but little far off, hence did not plan.

The village took me off the track

Buchholz – the very name struck a din in my brain taking me almost 35 years back . I am an electrical engineer by education and practice. The power transformer, even today has a protective relay called Buchhoz relay. I wondered if this place Buchholz has anything do with that age old relay. It was indeed had the connection. It was invented by max Buchholz in 1920s, whose ancestors had migrated from Germany to US.

Ok I come back to Boppard.

Vierseenblick Train

Looking at the weather I decided to first take the train to Vierseenblick. Two reasons for this – I was hoping weather would be better later and second most reason is that the small train was waiting right in front. Very few were waiting. I boarded the train. It plys every hour from Boppard to Emmelshausen. It takes 15 minutes and 5 Euros one way.

Why take this train.

People take this train for two reasons. One – the people who stay there. Other who wants to do biking from Emmelshausen or Buchholz. I went up to the last station – Emmelshausen. Gradually the trains climbs up the hill through thick forest.

The very journey it self is to be enjoyed. Do not expect lot of things at Emmelshausen. There is nothing at Emmelshausen for tourists. Worse it was Sunday, not a soul, not even the coffee shop at the station.

Or you should take your bike up there and cycle back down through beautiful curvy roads amidst autumn coloured forest.

Look at the rich colour of nature along side of the route. Feast to eyes.

PC : Internet.

The above picture is from internet. The train cruises through lush green forest. Well, now it was not green but golden yellow. I must admit and correct myself here that I always say lush green that fascinates me, but not just green, it is golden yellow too fascinates me. You can see the change of colour from spring to autumn. I am sure it will turn barren white in few weeks from now.

Emmelshausen station

Emmelshausen station.

Emmelshausen station

There is bus service also I understood to reach the Emmelshausen.

I took the return train from Emmelshausen after an hour. I had nothing to see at Emmelshausen. I sat peacefully in the station and tried to meditate. When I returned to Boppard, there were some notable crowd at the station with MTBs.

Hike to Vierseenblick

My next destination was Vierseenblick. It was about 2 km from Boppard station. I took to my GPS and followed it.

On the way to Vierseenblick.
Spotted a small white beauty on the way up.

You need to climb up about 275 mtrs through lush green, err…… golden yellow forest.

There were some mountain bikers as well. There is cable car too, but it operates from beginning March to October end.

I kept on clicking as I moved upwards, from different angles.

Hero picture of the day

Hero picture of the hike.

This is the view from vantage point. Wonderful view. This is the picture that I had seen which prompted me to go there.

Beautiful Vineyard along the slope of the River Rhine edge.

Restaurant – but closed. May be because it was Sunday. Other wise it is normally crowded with people sipping beer and vine.

The hiking trails are usually hiker friendly with lots of useful sign boards. you can not go wrong.

Stroll along River Rhine.
Autumn colours ……….
You can take river cruise. There are several agencies that arrange the cruise. You can buy tickets online or at the spot. I did not take it. I should have . The location of cruise is about 15 minutes walk from train station along river Rhine.
Marktplatz and the Church St. Severus
Inside view of the church.
A nice real life size sculpture of a boy asking for a cone of ice cream.

Location : Boppard is well connected by road and train. Maniz to Koblenz goes through Boppard. It takes about 50 minutes.

Best Time to visit : I would say any time except peak winter and peak summer.

I missed the river cruise. I should have taken it. Well, there is always a next time.

Last words:

We all take U turn in life. Some take U turn, daily on the way to work, some after missing a turn. Some U turns are because of our own dishonesty, we say something but make U turn after. A mighty river taking an U turn ! Well, water takes a natural way they say. Whatever the reason for the river took U turn, it gave us the amazing view. It is very peaceful to view the mighty river from the vantage point.

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