My Expeditions


Why Do I Write ? Because I read. Someone must write so that somebody can read.


I read many other’s article, books, travelogue, blogs etc etc. What if they had not written ?

Bluntly put – I hope & expect some body else also read what I write and share. Feed back, Likes, criticism, appreciation – all are welcome.

I read for personal spiritual development, learning new things, knowing about places, history, to travel, for fun ……. various reasons.

I travel to different places, I click beautiful pictures. The summary of my travel, places I visit and my pictures are laid out here.

Guess You will enjoy and benefit from my wanderings.

Kevin Standage

An Indian travel photography blog

The Art of Blogging

For bloggers who aspire to inspire

The Shooting Star

Just a girl who travels.

FootLoose Dev

Tips on how to solo-travel around the world!


capture the moments

Stray thoughts.....

capture the moments

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