What makes an event special ?. What is an event anyway ? Is anything an event ? Or a special set of display, activities make it an event ? For me an event is a special occasion. I try and find to click beautiful images out of it. Continue reading Events

HiTech Washing

No, I am not writing about Hi Tech Cloth Washing Machines. I am talking about washing our bottom after the daily routine. what prompted me to write about this simplest routine. I am from India. One part of our Government machinery works and spends millions of money on Swatch Bharat (Clean India) mission. Basic theme … Continue reading HiTech Washing

Colours of Climate

The mother nature has many wonderful colors. Especially cold climate places – color changes with  season.Winter  – White all over. Summer – Green and lot of other colors (flowers). Autumn opens up yellow and brown.It is really marvellous to feel and experience it. Week before last I was in Kharkiv, Ukraine for a week. It … Continue reading Colours of Climate