State of CDs and Storage media.

We recently moved to a new rented house after nine years. We had almost forgotten the pains of shifting the house hold items. Moving house hold materials is a terrible experience. For ten days you are out of gear completely.

What is the connection between CDs and house shifting by the way ?

The connection is per se not with CDs, but with so much of unwanted items we carry all along.

I keep aside our clothing for the moment. Let me focus on the Books, CDs, hand bags, pillows, bedsheets, winter razayees, winter jerkins, carpets, shoes………… many. We really needed all these ? Surely not, but ok, we bought them, used them once a while and we have carried all of them with us. Wife has slightly different view, rather completely opposite view, except on my books and files.

My beloved books. I frankly admit I am yet to read / complete, few of them. I may never read few (Technical books) of them again since I read them during my studies. I will still keep them.

I had shortage of shelf space. I surely would not lose books and my old files. I had to use proven technique of 5 S, which we practised in my corporate / factory life to find some space and organise the work place.

I chose the CDs that I get rid off. I had box full of CDs. I am not talking about the music CDs that I collected over the time. Just the back up CDs, catalogs, Technical Manuals, Documents CDs.

Pyramid of CDS and few Floppy disks

I was amazed to realise the waste I was carrying. I destroyed all of them. “What E waste

I have almost equal number of music CDs. My son educated me that the Music CDs are already outdated. No more CDs, alas. Yes, my new car does not have CD drive. My CD player got pushed under the cot somewhere.

Technology moves so fast.

My relation with computers began with DOS 3 and 1.2 Floppy drive.

Moved on to DOS 5 and 1.44 diskette.

Then came windows and CD Drives.

Then came more & more windows and Mac and SD cards, pen drives, Hard drives, micro cards…… from MB to GB, TB, PB….. I do not know the next one.

So, the story started with my house shifting and ended with storage media.

I do not know – the item that will get thrown out during my next movement. May be my music CDs. I some how hope to get them converted before I throw them.

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