Beautiful Autumn

Nature is amazingly colourful. Contrast between Autumn and Summer and winter is mesmerising. It is almost end of autumn now. When I go around I see the golden glow every where. This place (Osthofen, Germany) is surrounded by vineyards. Autumn in a thick forest or maple grove gives a completely different view compared to vineyard. … Continue reading Beautiful Autumn

Neckar River from sky – Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is a town on the Neckar River in southwestern Germany. It’s known for venerable Heidelberg University, founded in the 14th century. Gothic sanctuary church towers over the cafe-lined Market Square, a town square in the Old Town (Altstadt). The red-sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle, a noted example of renaissance architecture, stand on Königstuhl hill. On the base … Continue reading Neckar River from sky – Heidelberg.

The Olympic Park along lake Leman, Lausanne

The mission of Olympic Spirit is “to build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play – Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to instill and develop … Continue reading The Olympic Park along lake Leman, Lausanne

Ciao Italy

We (Myself, my beloved wife and my son visited piece of Europe in May 2017. It was a long due visit. I wanted my wife to experience Europe. Son was studying his masters in Netherlands. It was easy for him to join us from Rotterdam. After lot of deliberation, We zeroed in on Milan, Venice … Continue reading Ciao Italy