Monuments of Delhi

Delhi is the capital of modern India. The population being about 20 mio (2019) It is the fifth populous city in the world. Delhi has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BCE. It bears the historical events dating back to Mahabharata time. Through most of its history, Delhi has served as a capital of … Continue reading Monuments of Delhi

HiTech Washing

No, I am not writing about Hi Tech Cloth Washing Machines. I am talking about washing our bottom after the daily routine. what prompted me to write about this simplest routine. I am from India. One part of our Government machinery works and spends millions of money on Swatch Bharat (Clean India) mission. Basic theme … Continue reading HiTech Washing


Mayapur is a small town located on the bank of river Ganga, at the confluence of River Jalangi with River Ganga in West Bengal, India. It is about 130 km north of Kolkatta, at least 4 hrs drive from Kolkata airport. The main attraction of the town is Mayapur Dham, the world headquarters of ISKCON. … Continue reading Mayapurdham


Chandni Chowk – the chaos and miracle juxtaposed. I have no idea how things work in Chandni Chowk.  It is a place in Delhi, where you can get almost anything, everything. Be it fashion jewellery, dress materials, camera stuff, mobile, music equipment, shoes, goggles, spices, dry fruits, street food, sweets,……………………………………………….. endless. There are shops in … Continue reading MIRACULOUS CHANDNI CHOWK, AND SPICE MARKET, DELHI

Talakaadu Temples

This is continuation from my previous post of Somanathapura. I finished my photoshoot at Somanathapura by 0945 and headed towards Talakaadu. In the region the bus service is not so  frequent. Shared autos ply quite regular and less expensive. I took a shared auto from Somanathapura to Mudukutore. Again another shared auto to reach Talakadu. … Continue reading Talakaadu Temples